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So, I met with the doctor today to get fully prescribed birth control and she was looking at my records and said, ” Your blood pressure is good, everything’s good. You could lose a few pounds though.”

Excuse me while I never eat ever again.

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I have so many. Things to do its ridiculous :(

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I wanna live, I wanna love,
But it’s a long hard road, out of hell

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Hi I’m tiff and I feel pretty tonight

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Man, fuck the Lannisters.

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Are you fucking kidding me? Did we all just wake up in 1938?

Really seriously flabbergasted and concerned about this.

Seein as how Russia’s foreign policy seems to mirror that of Germany in 1938… yeah, kinda.

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Thank you! :3

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Dan’s good morning text:

"Good morning, beautiful. :) I love you very much and I miss you very much! I can’t wait to go out this weekend with you :)"